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Classification and operation points of lifting platform

Electric lifting platform is a kind of multifunctional lifting and loading mechanical equipment, electric lifting platform lifting system, which is driven by hydraulic pressure. The mechanical structure of the scissor fork makes the lifting platform have higher stability. The large working platform and higher load-bearing capacity make the working range at height larger and suitable for multiple people working at the same time. It makes high-altitude operations more efficient and safer.
Broad classification of lifting platforms: fixed and mobile. The fixed types are: scissor lift platform, chain lifter, loading and unloading platform, etc. The mobile type is divided into: hydraulic lift, hydraulic lifting platform, four-wheel mobile lifting platform, two-wheel traction lifting platform, car modified lifting platform, hand-pushing lifting platform, hand-operating lifting platform, AC and DC dual-purpose lifting platform , Battery vehicle-mounted lifting platform, self-propelled lifting platform, diesel crank arm self-propelled lifting platform, folding arm lifting platform, cylinder-cylinder lifting platform, aluminum alloy lifting platform, the lifting height is from 1 to 30 meters.
1. The lifting platform has been inspected and debugged before leaving the factory, and various technical indicators have reached the design requirements. When using it, only the power supply needs to be connected, and the hydraulic and electrical systems do not need to be adjusted.
2. Before using the platform, check the hydraulic and electrical systems carefully, and use it only after there is no leakage or bare leakage.
3. When the lifting platform is in use, the four outriggers should be firmly supported on a solid ground (subject to when the walking wheel is about to leave the ground) sleepers can be used when necessary.
4. The lifting platform can only be loaded after 1-3 empty runs.
5. The center of gravity of the load should be as close as possible to the center of the workbench.
6. The movable doors at both ends of the protective railing should be closed and locked before operation.
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